What A Vegan Eats A Complete Guide

This article is an informative guide to what a vegan eats. A vegan diet means limiting your intake of animal products such as meat, eggs, dairy products, or any other food that comes from animals. This includes honey which comes from bees. A vegan diet also excludes the use of all animal-based ingredients like gelatin or whey for example. Vegans do not eat foods containing these ingredients either because they are not interested in eating them or because their religion forbids them. However, vegans still have plenty of options when it comes to delicious food choices! The following sections provide you with information on everything you need to know about what a vegan eats.

Vegan Food Groups

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A well-balanced vegan diet should consist of grains, beans, and other legumes, vegetables, fruits, nuts, and seeds as well as healthy unsaturated fats from olive oil, coconut oil, or avocados. Vegan eats foods from all food groups because following this eating pattern ensures that they get plenty of protein and essential nutrients such as iron and calcium. If you follow these guidelines you will also stay full longer which means less frequent cravings for unhealthy snacks like chips or cookies. A complete list of edible plants can be found below:


Beans and Other Legumes:


The following vegetables are considered the most popular among vegans:




Zucchini and Squash:





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This article has been a comprehensive guide to veganism. It will help you in finding what a vegan eats and what diet options are available. You can get creative with the food options and cook whatever you enjoy.

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