Vegan Sandwich Fillings That Can Make The Dish Two Times Better

vegan sandwich fillings

Are you tired of repeating the same three common sandwich recipes? Then the time is here to surprise your children or family members with these new and healthy sandwich recipes. These Vegan sandwich fillings are packed with delicious veggies and sauce to make your meal lip-smacking as well as healthy. All the recipes are also very portable and can also be packed as a picnic snack. Continue reading the article to know how vegan sandwiches are so beneficial for your health.

Different Types Of Vegan Sandwich Filings

A sandwich cut in half on a plate

Here are a few simple Vegan sandwich fillings that you can make in your daily life without any extra effort or time than your regular sandwiches.

The avo-some filling – avocado, hummus, and cucumber.

The avo-some filling 2.0 – avocado, mango chutney, mustard, and cashews with fresh leaves.

Sweet as chocolate – chocolate and hazelnut spread with bananas, you can also add bits of strawberries.

The pizza sandwich – onion, red pepper, olives, oregano, sun-dried tomato paste, and slices of vegan pepperoni, with lots of vegan cheese.

The mushroom affair – grated mushroom mixed with vegan mayo and cheese, you can also add few veggies of your choice.

Tropical sunset – vegan cream cheese with pineapple, apricots, and sunflowers seeds.

Tofu-luscious – spring onion, scrambled tofu, sweetcorn, and vegan mayo

Sesame delight – lightly sauteed shredded onion and green cabbage, shredded baked potato, toasted sesame seeds, vegan mayo, black pepper, and sea salt.

Are Vegan Sandwiches Healthy?

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Yes, a thousand times, yes. Vegan sandwich fillings are extremely healthy and rich in iron and vitamin. Paneer and soybean fillings can be full of protein and delicious at the same time, if you are adding veggies to it then I do not if anything healthier than it, exists. Vegan sandwiches contain less saturated fat which makes them fall under the healthy food category. A normal veg sandwich should weigh about 71-100 grams and has 70-150 calories. If the ingredients used are healthy and are prepared healthily with a minimum usage of fat and oil then a vegan sandwich is way healthier than you think it to be. If you watch the amount of butter, oil, and cheese used in the vegan sandwich, then it is healthier than a meat sandwich and you can gain multiple health benefits.

Types Of Vegan Sauces

Here are some delicious and tangy vegan sauces to make your vegan sandwich fillings more mouthwatering.

Walnut pesto

Vegan ranch dressing

Smokey tomato jam

Vegan buffalo ‘chicken’ dip

Creamy cashew salad dressing

Vegan nacho cheese dip

Easy vegan sour cream

Vegan garlic alfredo sauce

Thai peanut sauce

Vegan mayonnaise


Vegan sandwiches can be very scrumptious. Try these vegan sandwich fillings and give a twist to your regular sandwich. Everyday ingredients can be used in multiple ways, thus, saving your money. They can be ridiculously healthy and so flipping good if you use the right ingredient combination. Most of them can be made ready in no time and are super healthy! Try all the fillings out and it is assured that you will fall in love with your vegan sandwiches all over again.

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