Variations On Tea Sandwich Recipes

tea sandwich recipes

If you’re a tea lover or a sandwich aficionado, then chances are good that you have tried all different kinds of versions of these delicious meals. Traditionally, sliced turkey on pumpernickel flat bread is served open faced with cream and Mayo on pumpernickel slice bread. You could easily transform the turkey tea sandwich recipe above into a more traditional version by replacing the mayonnaise with mayonnaise spread on the bread before serving. Another option would be to use mayonnaise on the bread in place of the cream cheese and replace the turkey with ham.

Tea Sandwiches Made With Egg Salad

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Most popular tea sandwiches are made with egg salad. If you have made this dish before and are not too confident in handling egg salad (we beg your pardon), then substitute with another light and healthy salad. Salads are a great alternative for lunch or dinner and are easy to make. All you need for this recipe is a bunch of mixed greens like spinach or kale; two eggs; mayonnaise; croutons, and bread. Simply, heat up your egg salad and serve this egg salad on whole wheat bagel bread.

Cucumber sandwiches are another favorite of tea sandwich recipes. This is perhaps the simplest recipe of cucumber sandwiches possible. All you need for this one are plain tumbs, egg whites, and mayonnaise. You will also want to add a spoonful of sugar free candy syrup to bring out the sweetness of this recipe.

Many Delicious Variations Of This Delicious Snac

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A quick look at tea sandwiches recipes reveals that there are so many delicious variations of this delicious snack. For instance, you can make a sandwich the way you would make an afternoon tea. Instead of tea time, substitute tea sandwiches for afternoon tea. Make a sandwich as you would for an afternoon tea to replace the tea with a slice of whole-wheat bread with mayonnaise on it. You could also substitute the tea for orange juice. If you want to be a little more conservative, replace the tea with lemonade or seltzer water.

Ham and cheese are also very popular tea sandwich recipes, and these two are easy to duplicate at home. The most popular ham and cheese recipe are of course the classic ham and Swiss cheese sandwich. In this recipe, you will need ham, Swiss cheese, and a few brandy crackers. Toast these crackers on the griddle until they are golden brown and then cut off a slice of cheese and place the flat side on the ham.

Creamy Italian Dressing Instead Of Ham And Swiss

Another popular variation of these sandwiches is to use creamy Italian dressing instead of ham and Swiss. You would create a nice pattern with the cream cheese on top and then add the Italian dressing on top followed by the sliced ham. For an old world flavor, you can substitute ham and Swiss for a turkey. Put the turkey on the griddle while you make the cream cheese sandwich and then put the cheese on top and serve.

Final Words

If you have some leftover salami, you can always bring that back to your refrigerator and try your hand at a couple of these recipes. Salami is a very tasty meat, which you can incorporate into several different tea sandwiches. It pairs well with many different flavors and helps to enhance the flavor of whatever you are having with it. The best thing about salami is that there are literally thousands of ways to use it. Make sure that you take your time and experiment with different flavors so that you can come up with combinations that are new and unique.

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