Using A Panini Maker And Your Recipes

panini sandwich recipes

Panini sandwiches are absolutely delicious, and the key to the original Panini is the use of a pre-made sandwich base such as a flatbread. A panini (or pain Italiana) is simply a sandwich with Italian bread, either grilled or toasted (source), made by grilling. The Italian dictionary definition of Panini is “little bread, flat bread,” but in America this phrase has come to define any grilled sandwich, made by using a variety of different flatbreads.

In the US we have come to think of Paninis as just another type of sandwich, but this dish has been enjoyed for centuries and it’s no surprise that it has taken on a whole new look through modern day panini recipes. These delicious delights can be had almost anywhere you can order a pizza, so if you are in the mood to treat yourself to one now is the perfect opportunity.

Varieties Of Bread

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Bread that is freshly made has a tender, crisp texture that is both smooth and rich. There are two varieties of bread commonly used in Panini sandwich recipes; the Italian wheat bread and the Western style sourdough. Both varieties have their own unique attributes that work well together when combined with other ingredients to make up a delicious sandwich.

The traditional Italian wheat bread has a nice flavor, and it can easily be replaced with the French or German kind that is similarly flaky and rich. You can also substitute the wheat bread with the Spanish or Greek premodern bread for a nice change of pace, and it works well with the spicy tomato sauce that is normally added to the sandwich.

Smoked Meats

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Another common ingredient in many of the popular American panini sandwich recipes is ham or other cured or smoked meats. It is common practice to include these meats in the sauce. Personally I prefer the dried ham because it adds just the right amount of “bark” to the sandwich.

The smoked ham or smoked turkey can be smoked over a period of time to give the sandwich a more classic ham flavor. Some people like the additional “bark” that the more cured or smoked meat adds but I prefer the natural flavor that the ham or other cured meats naturally have.

Cured Meats

Ham or other cured meats are usually topped with shredded cheese. There are a few variations on the cheese panini. One is to replace the cheese in the middle of the Panini with Provolone or Parmesan Shrimp, which also have a nice flavor. For another twist use sharp cheddar cheese, Cheddar and Swiss or even Colby-Jack cheese.

In addition to ham or other cured meats, other sandwich ingredients are also common. Typically there are two types of breads that are commonly used in paint recipes. Both types of bread are flatbreads.

There are some recipes that call for baguettes but those are typically reserved for Italian recipes and can be difficult to find. Other popular flatbreads are wheat bread or roll-up loaf pans. These are typically made from Italian deli bread and can also provide some of the same flavors and variety found in panini recipes.

Italian Bread

Typically there is an all purpose bread panini sandwich ingredient, and that is what this recipe is. The other sandwich ingredients are added to this all purpose paint. Most times Italian bread is used but there are also some options available for wheat bread.

Many people have easy sandwich recipes that call for wheat bread. In fact many of the bread machines now have preloaded programs that allow you to make these sandwiches. The wheat bread that is available in most stores in the bread department is typically very thick and very rich. It is not something that would generally fit well with a sandwich machine.

Wrapping Up

Add any type of fruit if you wish and you have created an all new delicious meal! Some examples are mayonnaise, avocado, ham, tomato, lettuce, and pickles, just to name a few. You may also want to include nutritional information for each of the items that you use and create a sandwich that is both healthy and delicious.

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