Two Delicious Sandwich Recipes From The Best Sub Sandwich Recipes On The Market

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For some time now, there has been a bit of talk about the best sub sandwich recipes. Many people have come to love these delectable delights and, for good reason, so have their friends. This article provides a list of what we consider to be the best of the best. Whether you’re new to these foods or an old pro, you’re certain to find something that satisfies your palate.

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First, we have the Cozy Caple Sub Sandwich. This sandwich is definitely a must try, particularly if you love wheat bread or other such breads. It is a relatively simple recipe to follow that incorporates the flavors of roasted garlic, tomato paste, mayonnaise, cheese, and of course, the Capone anchovy. You can eat it plain, with a bit of lettuce and tomato, or you can top it off with your favorite sandwich sauce.

Next up is the original Reuben. While the original Reuben may be on the menu of just about every restaurant in New York, there are only a select few who can claim to have created the best sub. This sandwich is a classic American delight that originates from the Nuts Company and is synonymous with New York style sandwich bread.

Then you’ve got the Schlemmer sandwich. In case you don’t know, this sandwich actually contains two different sandwiches in one. While the traditional Schlemmer consists of a half sandwich, the “chickens” part of the original Schlemmer is cut up into tiny squares. This makes a delicious and slightly sweet treat, while satisfying the taste buds.

Finally, let’s take a look at another absolutely delicious recipe. The Brisket recipe is a touchy subject. Some people claim it the best tasting sandwich around, while others will warn you away from it like the plague. To help you decide, we’re going to compare two very popular recipes that have both won awards, and which are both easy to find online.

The first is the Chicago’s Finest. If you haven’t had one of these before, or even if you have and they aren’t anything special, this will definitely be worth the try. This is absolutely delicious! It starts with a house-made tomato mustard, spread on a whole-wheat toasted roll, topped with a healthy serving of potato salad and some nicely chopped red onion. Make sure you make the sandwich a little thinner than usual, so that you can add your mayonnaise and crisp up the edges.

The other sandwich that we are going to look at today is the Granny Smith and the Peanut Butter Dog. The ingredients are close to the same, but what makes the sandwich really delicious is the homemade sauce that comes on the side. It has a nice tangy taste that is reminiscent of a lightly baked bread, with a hint of peanut butter to help dip it in. It goes well with the spicy and gooey cheese that is a standard topping for any sandwich. As with the Chicago’s Finest, make sure to add your mayonnaise for that authentic taste, and enjoy this easy best sub sandwich recipes recipe.

Summing Up

A plate of food on a table

Both of these sandwiches have their positives and negatives. The Granny Smith gets a slight edge because it is a more traditional sandwich that may not always be a favorite of everyone. However, as far as sandwich toppings go, this one beats the pants off the Chicago’s Finest in every aspect. The sauce is almost as good as the actual sandwich, and both are absolutely delicious. The only thing keeping them from being the best sandwich in the world is their slightly higher calories, but you should still consider them for your next meal or snack.

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