Turkey Sandwich Recipes: Makes a Hot Turkey Sandwich

hot turkey sandwich recipes

Hot Turkey Sandwich Recipes have become a staple for lunch in America. There is just something about a juicy, gooey, delicious, fresh-from-the-oven sandwich that makes you hungry again hours after you’ve had it. And these sandwiches are just as tasty whether you use canned or fresh-from-the-sandwich ingredients. I’ve listed a few variations on this theme, so you can easily experiment.

One of the hottest sandwich fillings is ham. Some people like to top their sandwiches with ham and cheese; others use only ham. Try a ham and cheese on whole-wheat or reduced-fat cheddar on grilled cheese sandwiches; serve ham and cheese on bagels, too, with tomato ketchup on crackers, instead of reduced-fat sour cream, on whole-wheat bread, or with tomato ketchup on reduced-fat sour cream on whole-wheat or reduced-fat cheddar on grilled cheese.

Another variation on cheese sandwiches recipe uses ham patties in place of ham and cheese. You can replace the ham with pepperoni, schnitzel, or even shrimp. My sister used to make tuna salad sandwiches with canned tuna reduced-fat mayonnaise and cooked in a toasted bread pan. The kids devoured it!

Hot Turkey Sandwich Recipes

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When making a simple hot sandwiches recipe, sandwich cheese, place softened butter or margarine on whole-wheat bread, add tomatoes, fresh basil, reduced-fat sour cream, and roll the mixture into a tight ball, then cut into quarter-inch slices. Place on a plate, and garnish with parsley. You can try substituting the ham and cheese for another ingredient like tomato paste or pineapple vinegar. You can take it a step further and substitute the mayonnaise for another popular ingredient: chicken liver pate.

Some hot ham sandwich recipes call for ham patties that are lightly cooked. In order to avoid undercooked meat patties, always bake the ham patties in a separate pan to achieve their golden-brown perfection. Another easy way to make a delicious ham pattie is to use canned peaches instead of real applesauce in your recipe. Just add enough mayonnaise to create a smooth and creamy sauce. Drain off any excess patties before serving.


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For the healthiest option on a hot day, consider using tuna salad as a base for a sandwich. Combine tuna salad with reduced-fat sour cream, chopped tomatoes, mayonnaise, and croutons. On a nice sunny day, serve the sandwich on an unsalted tortilla shell. Your guests will love the taste of your homemade tuna salad hot turkey.

Another good choice for a hot sandwich is the classic Reuben. To make this sandwich, purchase a Reuben or other deli sandwich that is prepared with smoked turkey. A Reuben is naturally sesame flavored, so make sure to use a prepared ham salad as well as mayonnaise to dress it up. Cut the sandwich into half-size pieces and serve with tuna salad. You can also substitute ham and Swiss for the tuna salad.

Other Ingredients

Ham and Swiss are always a good choice. However, you can also make your own ham and Swiss sandwich using ingredients straight from your refrigerator. Start with softened butter, flour, and a slice of freshly made ham. You can also substitute ham or turkey bacon if you do not have it. When creating the sandwich, spread a layer of the toasted bread with tomato soup and lettuce. Make sure that there is enough room at the top for the sandwich to be fully enjoyed.

The words ‘hot’ and ‘guacamole’ often go hand in hand when thinking about Mexican food. Mexican food is known for being hot. In fact, many Mexican dishes include ingredients that are hot such as jalapeno peppers or cheese. To make a tasty turkey sandwich, you will want to replace the tomato sauce with your favorite hot sauce. Alternatively, you can add cheddar cheese, chili powder, or sour cream to the sandwich. If you prefer it hot, you could eat it on its own, with tortilla chips, or even on sandwiches with toasted bread.

Sandwich Filling

Other popular sandwich filling choices include egg, turkey, and cheese. One way to keep calories down is to choose ham and turkey instead of ham and cheese. Cheese is also an excellent choice as it can enhance the flavor of the sandwich. However, if you must have cheese, it’s okay to add it to the sandwich in small amounts. In addition to ham and cheese, different sandwich fillings can help minimize your calories. For example, filling the sandwich with reduced-fat Mayo, reduced-fat sour cream, or reduced-fat cottage cheese can help you make a more attractive-looking sandwich.

Bottom Line

You will want to experiment to find the best combination of taste and nutritional content for your particular taste preferences. For example, some people may find that adding the tomato sauce and the cheese makes the turkey sandwich taste better. However, if you don’t like the tomato sauce, you might not be able to avoid it. Therefore, experiment to find what you like and what fits your daily dietary requirements.

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