Top Vegan Sandwich Spreads That You Can Try

vegan sandwich spreads

Sandwiches are one of the top things that you can eat everyday. If you are vegan then there are many spreads that you can try. You need these so that you can add some taste to the boring bread to make delicious sandwiches. There are many spreads that you can make at home only with few ingredients that you can get from the market. You will see that there is a whole new world of spreads that will open up for you if you plan to go vegan.You will love the vegan sandwich spreads that are there in the list and you must try them at least once.

Chickpea Spread

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This is one of the best sandwich spreads that you can try to make at home. It is very quick and also very easy to make at home and you only need a few ingredients. You require spinach, chickpeas, avocados, and cilantro to make this amazing spread. It can be eaten with bread so that you can make the most of it. You will love the amazing flavors in this spread and it is very savory which is great for breakfast. It is very easy to store and you can easily keep it in the fridge and eat it whenever you want to. The calories are also less but you will feel that it is one of tastiest things that you will have.


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This is the one for the people who love avocados and like to have it with their breakfast on a daily basis. It gives you some healthy fats that you need and you can mix it with some tomatoes to make a quality spread. You can add some chilli flakes and oregano to add some taste to the whole dish. It is the best one for the lover of avocados and you will want to eat it each and every day. This dish is very addictive and you will love the texture of this spread with your breads.

Nut Butter

Forgetting peanut butter when it comes to spreads is a grave mistake. You can easily make your peanut butter at home which makes it one of the best things for a good sandwich experience. You will love the savory and the sweet taste of the spread. The best part is that you can also use other nuts like almonds,cashews, and more to make a similar spread. It is very healthy and tasty which will make you feel great in the mornings. You can easily store it for days so that you do not have to make it again and again. It is one of the best things that you can make at home and everyone at your home will also love it too.


These are the top vegan sandwich spreads that you can try and these vegan sandwich spreads will make your bread feel great in taste. You will also get the desired moisturization in your sandwiches so that they will make you want to eat them. These are also available in the market so you can easily buy these from there.

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