Top Cuban Sandwich Recipes

cuban sandwich recipes

When it comes to a hot summer’s day in Miami, what do you think you’ll get when trying to recreate the famous Cuban sandwiches? Well, that depends.The traditional Cuban sandwich starts with the Cuban bread, which is made using flatbread which is layered with fillings like cheese, meats and often fruit. Then, a Cuban sandwich is simply a long steamed savory masterpiece of bread, meat, cheese and pickles all smeared with sauce, usually spicy mustard.

If you’re looking to kick up your sandwich recipe game, then you should try Lechon. A Lechon is an old South American bread with dried lecithin (sometimes also called “lemons”) that is smoked and then fried. Usually, lechon is spiced with cumin or chili powder. This condiment is typically used on sandwiches to add to the spice, but its smoky flavor goes well with just about any ham or other meat for that matter. If you’re looking for a more subtle smoky flavor, try using a nice ham hock instead of the typical cured ham, or perhaps smoked turkey.

Great Ham

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Ham is great for any sandwich recipe, but for added texture and moistness you can’t beat a good loaf of Cuban bread with some tasty pickles. Ham is naturally high in sodium, so reducing it can be very helpful to your diet. By substituting ham with pickles you can get a healthier sandwich and still enjoy the hearty flavors of the cheese and the ham. Pickles are available at most every grocery store these days, so go ahead and give them a try in your sandwich recipe. They’re fun and easy to prepare, and they make a delicious change from the traditional cheese and lettuce and tomato.

If you want a more restrained ham sandwich, then try using a sliced ham, or ham salad as your sandwich filling. Salads are very popular these days and making one at home is even easier, since you can use whatever you have on hand at the grocery store. Ham salad is a good base for any other ham sandwich filling, and you can experiment with different types of dressing, such as lemon juice, vinegar, or mustard. It’s a good idea to have a variety of flavors available when you make your sandwiches at home.

Roasted Pork

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For a sandwich that’s a little bit more substantial, roast pork or ham and Swiss roll ups can replace the lesson. Both fillings are hearty dishes, and both are great for replacing the lesson. Roasted pork has a richer flavor than the roasted lemon, and it goes well with the bread if you leave out the pickles.

Another favorite is the pickle. Ham and Swiss roll ups can be made with a ham and Swiss sandwich bread and using white onions instead of the green onions will draw out the natural flavor of the ham and Swiss. Leave the lesson behind and load up on the other ingredients. Most people will add lettuce, tomato, and mayonnaise to their sandwiches. If you’re not a big fan of pickles, many people omit them from their own favorite bread recipes and add them to the ham and Swiss mixture instead.

Perfect Sandwich

With some added cheese, ham and Swiss patty recipe bread is the perfect sandwich for parties and others to get togethers. You can make up several different sandwiches at once by changing up the bread to fit different party size groups. You might want to have a large group of young adults around, so go with a ham and Swiss sandwich with a toasted New York Style loaf of bread with a green salad as an appetizer.

Other sandwiches that would work for this crowd include the following: cured turkey with Swiss, smoked salmon, tuna salad with lettuce and tomato, the deli ham with slaw and dill, and tuna salad with cucumber, Mayo, and olive oil. Make sure to use low fat free dressings on these items, such as mustard, and serve with at least a slice of cheese on each one.

Other popular sandwiches that you might like to try are the following: the Chicago-style chili, Hawaiian chicken salad sandwich, Reuben, turkey sandwich, and macaroni and cheese. Cuban sandwiches are usually filled with steamed veggies and served on a toasted sandwich bun. They are popular all over the world and can be found in just about every Cuban restaurant.

Final Verdict

You can easily find Cuban sandwich recipes online if you are looking for a great way to incorporate Cuban sandwiches into your own meals, and they make a nice change of pace from other American dishes.

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