Sub Sandwich Recipes That You Should Explore This Season

sub sandwich recipes

A sub sandwich is also known as a submarine sandwich, it is so named because the shape of this sub sandwich is cylindrical, it is made from a cylindrical bread roll, and then it is split lengthwise. A cut is made in the cylindrical sub sandwich, and all the ingredients are stuffed inside this bread first stop this makes a very tasty meal, a Sub Sandwich Recipes is all you need for a healthy and stomach feeling meal. This is not just tasty, but it is also healthier and makes you feel full.

Sub Sandwich Recipes

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An easy Sub Sandwich Recipes is given below-

1) First of all take cylindrical bread and cut it from the center.

2) Place the bread on a dry surface and open the cut a little.

3) Place cheese slices on the upper as well as the lower half of the bread.

4) After placing the cheese slices, bake the bread for a little while in a preheated oven.

5) While the bread is baking, cut some slices of tomatoes, cucumber, onion, cabbage, jalapenos, and olives etcetera.

6) Next, take out the bread and place all the freshly cut vegetables into the cut.

7) After you’ve stuffed the bread, put in your stuffing – the stuffing can be veg or non-veg as per your choice.

8) Go with potato fillings, hara bara kebab etcetera for the best fillings, and chicken tikka, tandoori chicken etcetera for the nonveg ones.

9) Next, spread some mayonnaise, mustard sauce, tomato sauce, mint Mayonnaise, and other sauces that you like.

10) Lastly, sprinkle some salt and pepper on the top. You can also top it with oregano or red chili flakes.

What makes a great sub sandwich?

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Everyone can make sub sandwiches, but the best sub sandwich is the best in taste and also well balanced. Hence given below are some suggestions as to what makes the best sub sandwich.

1) Choose the right bread, the bread must be of good quality and good cylindrical bread must be brought.

2) Bake the bread well, the bread must be not too crunchy and not too soggy. Bake the bread well to have a good sub.

3) Choose your fillings wisely, you must choose whether you want a veg sub or a non-veg stop and choose the feelings appropriately

4) The right sub must contain quality ingredients, the ingredients in the sub must be of good quality

5) The right sub must possess the right balance of meat, cheese, bread, and vegetables.

Nutrition Facts

A sub sandwich is everyone’s go-to recipe, as it is well balanced, consists of vegetables and meat. The sub sandwich also contains bread which is very easy to eat and makes a person feel full.

One sandwich which is 155 gram has around 361 calories, it has a fat of around 16.7, it consists of sodium for around 1320 mg, it contains carbohydrates up to 32.5 g, it contains fiber of 2.3 g, and it contains sugar of 5.13 gram.

There are various Sub Sandwich Recipes that a person can try. It is a perfect meal, a healthy Sub Sandwich Recipes would help a person feel full and manage his calories as well.


Various Sub Sandwich Recipes are available on the Internet; different people have different choices of Sub Sandwich Recipes and can choose from a variety of things. A sub sandwich is healthy, as it contains vegetables, meat, and bread etcetera.

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