Slicing Pizza Elegantly Has Never Been Easier! Get This Now And Forget About Pizza Slicing Troubles!

With a high-quality stainless-steel blade with premium quality for food cutting as well as different types of meat that is sure to stay sharp till ages and rust-free. A ubiquitous high-end stainless steel that became popular. These blades are crafted from carbide for long life, as mentioned, and less chipping. Each blade is laser-etched.

With a modern futuristic dual handle design. This design is meant to emulate the edges of fruits and vegetables. A blade that matches the diameter of the pizza from smooth side-to-side motion, creating straight cuts every time so you can easily cut through the pizza. Whether you are looking for a pizza cutting wheel, rocking blades, or scissors, this blade will meet all your demand.

The handles are made from wood and ergonomically shaped for a better grip. Professional Knife in storage case, High Carbon Steel Chopping Knife with deluxe wood handle, Kitchen knife for Slicing, Dicing, and boning, Ideal gift set for birthdays.

The surface of the knife is the surface of Damascus pattern, beautiful and durable, rust, easy to clean, the thickness of the knife blade is about 1.3 times the thickness of a piece, and the thickness is moderate. This knife is made of imported forge in stainless steel; the blade is very light but very strong—body and knife forging design, easy to clean, not easy to break, and hygienic.

The blade is 24.5 cm long and features a high-quality German Steel Blade at 55 Rockwell Hardness, Producing Extraordinary Cutting Performance and Edge Retention. The Edge is also Hand Sharpened to 16-18?? per side to maintain the Perfect Balance between Blade Sharpness and Toughness. So, get this two-handled slicer today.

Specification: Two-Handed Pizza Kitchen Slicer

  • Brand Name: EH-LIFE
  • Pizza Tools Type: Pizza Cutters & Wheels
  • Model Number: DT774069
  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Type: Pizza Tools
  • Certification: CIQ
  • Color: Brown
  • Use: Wooden handle rocker
  • Type1: Vegetable Knives
  • Type2: Pizza and Nougat Cutter
A knife sitting on top of a wooden cutting board


  1. Branded slicer with inbuilt model number.
  2. Stainless steel material provided for long-lasting use.
  3. Its eco-friendly feature makes him stand out.
  4. Its royal brown color makes you feel premium with its built qualities.
  5. Two types of blades.
  6. One is vegetable knives, and on the flip side other one is Pizza and Nougat Cutter.
  7. Safer to use due to the dual handle.
A plate of food with a knife


  1. Aesthetically speaking, carbon steel gets the lowest marks.
  2. Over time, the blade will turn totally black, although the discoloration does not adversely affect the knife’s cutting ability or impart foods with odd tastes or colors.


Overall, the built quality is top-notch as measuring all the requirements of a customer can fulfill all of that. The brown handle makes it more premium as well as safer to use. It comes with two blades, one is the vegetable knife, and the other is the pizza and nougat cutter. Trusted products with build and model numbers. It’s eco-friendly as well. However, carbon steel blades get the lowest marks.

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