Sandwich Making Tips To Make It A Healthier Meal

Sandwich Making Tips To Make It A Healthier Meal

A healthy sandwich can make an excellent meal for various reasons. First of all, it is easy to pack and carry. In addition, it is considered very cheap to make. The sandwich can be a perfect meal to last all day long. It is packed with carbohydrates, good fats, fiber, and lean protein if made healthily. Furthermore, sandwiches are incorporated into weight-loss programs if made using healthy ingredients.

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Sandwich Making Tips To Make It A Healthier Meal

Sandwich Making Tips 

The following eight simple tips to make a sandwich will help you cut down calories and add essential nutrients to the sandwiches without sacrificing its flavors. Additionally, the tips will help in the weight-loss programs.

An Open Sandwich 

The easy way to cut down the calories of your sandwich is to take off the top layer of the bread. This means that you will get the ideal nutrients you require without needing to add an extra piece of bread. Notably, the extra slice of bread just adds carbohydrates and fats in the sandwich. It also gives you the chance to fill your bread with more veggies and protein for a nutritious meal. 

Use Pita Bread In Place Of Regular Bread

According to nutritionists, each piece of regular white bread has 80 calories, and a small pita whole wheat bread has only 60 calories. Whereas the difference might not be as considerable, the nutrients and fiber in a loaf of whole wheat bread are much more than a regular bun. 

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Sandwich Making Tips To Make It A Healthier Meal

Wrap Up A Sandwich In Tortilla Or Lettuce

If you are looking to cut down on your calories, then a lettuce-wrapped sandwich is quite nutritious, healthy, and has few calories. Compared to bread, lettuce wrap reduces more than 100 calories. However, if you require some carbohydrates on your plate to complete your sandwich, tortillas can be used. These have a much lower quantity of calories compared to regular bread. 

Add Eggs In Your Fillings 

Be it fried eggs or half-boiled eggs; they are a great source of protein with healthy fats. Therefore, eggs not only adds nutrition to the sandwich but also ensures you stay full for a longer time.

Choose Low Calories Condiments In Sandwiches 

We add condiments and sauces of various kinds to make our sandwiches tastier. However, if you are looking for a healthy one, opt for low-calorie condiments like hummus, mustard, or homemade Greek yogurt rather than tomato sauce or mayonnaise. Notably, it could be even healthier if you skip the seasonings altogether. 

Add Extra Vegetables And Lean Protein 

Like with salads, make your sandwiches also full of veggies. Low calories vegetables such as sprouts, onions, red peppers, cucumber, and tomato are great options to add extra to your sandwiches. Furthermore, you can even add more lean protein like chicken or eggs and boost your protein element in the sandwiches. 

Revamp Your Sandwich To A Healthier One 

With these tips in mind, you can revamp your sandwiches as a morning meal or lunch to make it taste better in nutrition. Consequently, these healthy sandwiches are excellent and much better than the ready-made sandwiches, which have more fat than any essential nutrients. 

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