Re-Inventing The All-White Meat, White Bread Sandwich

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There has been a classic chicken sandwich war on fast food airwaves, it began in 2021 and it is still going strong today. The “Contest” was launched by a local restaurant in Round Rock, Texas. Five competitors filed suit claiming that this famous chicken sandwich was not authentic. Chicken is one of the most popular items to enter the classic chicken sandwich category, as it is easy to replicate, cook, store and serve.

An Overview

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These five sandwiches were served: California chicken salad, Cajun chicken, Louisiana Mardi Gras chicken, New Orleans shrimp gumbo and Texas wings. Shot guns fired! Chicken made headlines again in2019 as the third largest commercial food chain, with the fourth largest being Chick-fil-A. Ownership was uncertain and the restaurant quickly found itself out of business. Both sides claimed victory but this classic chicken sandwich lost its title to chicken lollipops.

While many classic chicken sandwich locations have added a new offering to their menus, this version maintains the classic taste with a slightly crisper touch. Some people complain about the lack of crispiness in chicken, but it doesn’t seem to be a widespread problem. The secret may simply be using the right bread. A thicker crusty bread helps cut down on the crispiness while breads that are more dry tend to retain more of the breading for a longer time. Using a thicker crust will also help make the sandwich hold together better.

The Sandwich Recipe

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Some people opt for toast over the traditional bread. If you want to go the route of toast though, use the healthier whole grain bread like brown bread or try the many varieties of wheat bread. Whole grains add a nice texture to the sandwich without adding extra calories. For a crunchier piece of bread, consider opting for the classic chicken sandwich with a slice of French roll or a new chicken filet.

Chick-fil-a is another chicken sandwich maker’s best friend. Their fried chicken sandwiches rival most of their competitors because of the incredible freshness of the ingredients. When you order a chicken sandwich from a Chick Fil-a restaurant, you can even get a free side of fries. Even though fried chicken sandwiches aren’t as popular as they once were, many restaurants and fast food chains serve them. Order something spicy and tasty with a fried chicken sandwich from any of the Chick Fil-a restaurants located throughout the United States.

One thing’s clear. People love the taste of chicken sandwiches from all different types of sources. From the classic chicken sandwich at Chick Fil-a to the newer chicken sandwich offerings at popular chains like Chipotle, diners can choose to eat these meals any place they want. There is no one stopping them from ordering this filling meal at any of their favorite establishments. With so many restaurants and food chains offering customers chicken sandwiches, why would anyone miss out on this healthy, convenient meal?

Another reason to enjoy chicken sandwiches is the great visual appeal. It’s hard not to enjoy seeing fresh, natural chicken being grilled and sliced on a plate. Plus, with most chicken sandwiches, there is some type of meat involved. Most are made with lean pieces of meat that have been trimmed and seasoned with herbs and spices. The classic chicken sandwich has a variety of fillings, from ground beef to turkey to tofu. The fact that chicken is used in these foods provides consumers with an incredible amount of protein, which helps the body to fight off any fats present in one’s diet.

Bottom Line

As a chief marketing officer at a major company, I was tasked to create a new line of chicken sandwiches. Naturally, my first order was to go back to the classic chicken sandwich and create a healthier, more natural version of this popular quick fix. While I still had customers happy (and even excited) about the new twist on this old favorite, my sales representatives were not happy with the outcome. The response was not so positive when it came to all-white meat, white bread sandwich with tomato, lettuce and tomato soup. Instead of focusing on the visual appeal and getting back in the same rut we had experienced for the last 15 years or so, we decided to go back to basics and create a sandwich that was leaner, had a larger variety of ingredients and was better for our health.

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