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In general, multi-purpose kitchen graters are an essential part of the kitchen as it helps in shredding food items like vegetables, fruits, cheese, etc. easily. This in turn helps in saving time which you can spend in doing some other useful work. When it comes to salads, it can be made even more attractive when the ingredients are free of irregularly sized parts.

Such essential tools help to enrich your kitchen and better manage any preparation that requires foods reduced into thin flakes, powder, or small fragments. 

In this article, we’re going to introduce a multi-purpose kitchen grater device that can be manually operated, so that your work time in the kitchen can be reduced and you can grate a lot of ingredients to prepare every best dish possible.

Multi-Purpose Manual Kitchen Grater Device

In a time where every activity is being machine-oriented, the kitchen is also not left behind. With the knives taking a long time in cutting the vegetables and fruits in the desired shape and size, a manual multi-purpose kitchen grater proves to be a great helper in the kitchen. 

In such handheld rotary graters, the food is to be placed in a compartment that holds small amounts of food and by rotating the crank, the grater blade cuts the food into the required shape and size.

It is safe and easy to use due to its multi-purpose functions such as dicing, grating, and slicing. With its 3 very sharp stainless steel blades, the veggies and fruits can be perfectly and effortlessly cut by just rotating the handle. Such kitchen graters offer ease in food preparation and moreover, it is made with durable plastic that makes it easy to wash and clean. Buy your Multi-purpose manual kitchen grater advice for today.


  • Feature: Eco-Friendly
  • Material: Plastic
  • Plastic Type: PC
  • Type: Fruit & Vegetable Tools
  • Feature 3: Multifunction Slicer


  • It is very simple and it makes your cooking easier
  • This multi-purpose grater can be used by anybody as it is easy to operate
  • Three interchangeable blades
  • With such graters, the chances of your skin getting sliced are nearly impossible and you can safely use it
  • Include electric vs manual point
  • The handle ensures maximum comfort of use even during its extensive use
  • The grater is easy to clean
  • better than electric graters that require electricity to operate every time
A close up of a device on a table


  • The blades are very sharp and may cause injury if not used properly
  • The handle screw may require regular maintenance


With such manual multi-purpose graters, all you need to do is load the ingredient in its compartment, and then by rotating the handle, you would instantly get grated vegetables and fruits. With such advancements in the kitchen appliances, the foods that are cut into shapes such as strips or bits can be evenly dispersed into the food being prepared. 

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