KFC Chicken Sandwich – Is The New Sandwich Meant To Be Healthy

kfc chicken sandwich

The aptly named” fried chicken sandwich” offers an extra crunchy chicken sandwich on a buttered buns and topped with pickled or spicy mayonnaise, along with either your choice of two different sauces, or a bottle of your favorite sport’s beverage. The new sandwich costs just $3.00 or less for a moderately sized serving with fries and a light drink. While it does not look as glamorous as some of the other golden skywalk burgers or top-of-the-line hot dog stands, it is still a chicken sandwich and therefore needs to be enjoyed nonetheless.

Fried Chicken Shack Magicard

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Just around the corner from KFC’s new chicken sandwich, the fried chicken shack Magicard is set to debut its own brand of tasty fare. The menu promises to offer something for everyone: Louisiana Cajun favorites like Creole BBQ chicken, Louisiana’s famous shrimp gumbo, and the all-time favorite white fish. This place also serves chicken tenders, corn on the cob, and several different kinds of grits. There is definitely something for everyone in Orlando. And now that Magicard is open, you can enjoy that delicious food right at home, too. And because there are so many different kinds of foods offered at this venue, the chances of experiencing any of them are pretty much guaranteed.

Kfc Fried Chicken Sandwiches Arrive In Two Different Varieties

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the original white chicken sandwich and the new chicken sandwich. Both are available on the original white bread with half-centimeter thin slices of white breadcrumbs. They are served on the appropriate side of the table, and they cost different. The original chicken sandwich has a half Pound turkey breast on a half-pound of crisp white bread with two pieces of cheddar cheese and a sprinkling of pepper and onion. It comes along with two dill pickles, two tablespoons of barbecue sauce, and two tablespoons of crunchy lettuce. For the new chicken sandwich, the chicken is marinated in buttermilk and then deep-fried in butter until it is golden brown.

Colonel Chicken Sandwich

The colonel chicken sandwich remains a favorite of people who love KFC. It is basically the same as the original, except that it has been made with chicken instead of turkey breast. It is served on a half Pound turkey breast and it comes with two cups of gravy. The colonel’s dressing consists of three quarters of mayonnaise, one tablespoon of garlic powder, and three tablespoons of tartar sauce. All these ingredients go well with this popular sandwich.

There are several other fast food restaurants that provide some great tasting fried chicken sandwiches for customers on both a diet and trying to lose weight. Burger king is one such restaurant. It provides a variety of sandwiches for their dieter customers. These sandwiches contain lettuce and tomato, but no bun.

Bottom Line

One restaurant in the Los Angeles area that has decided to add a healthy version of their famous fried chicken sandwich to their menu is Wingnut’s BBQ. They have added the famous recipe to their dessert selection, which now offers four different sizes of the delicious sweet potato fries. The four different size fries come in sizes one, two, three, and four. Although the new Wingnut’s BBQ chicken sandwich may not seem like a big improvement to many dieters, it is a big step in the right direction when it comes to eating healthier and keeping your weight in check. The addition of a thin crunchy breading and a satisfying fresh taste makes this edition a tasty option for chicken lovers everywhere.

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