Indian Cucumber Sandwich Recipes

cucumber sandwich recipes

This is especially true of the sandwiches served in Mexican restaurants where cucumbers are a standard part of a simple meal. However, there is no reason why cucumbers can’t be incorporated into the kitchen as well.

Making Cucumber Slices

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Making cucumber slices a regular feature on sandwiches is not difficult. They are available in a number of varieties that enable you to experiment with different recipes without having to invest in expensive ingredients. The classic variation consists of cucumber strips placed on top of thin slices of bread. For inspiration you can look at various cultures like India and Spain for examples where cucumber is a common condiment or spice used on bread. With a bit of imagination you can create whole new versions of these sandwiches which will be a real treat for you.

One of the things that makes cucumber sandwiches a favorite of many people is the crisp texture of the fruit. They are best eaten cold and are often served as an alternative to lettuce and tomato. As with tomatoes these blossoms come in an infinite variety of shapes and sizes and are often eaten raw to provide you with a natural boost of Vitamin C. This is particularly important if you are aiming for a healthy diet. The crispness of the cucumbers is a bonus and works very well as an ingredient in savoury foods.

Why Cream Cheese Is Added To The Bread?

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You may be wondering why cream cheese is added to the bread. Simply because cream cheese provides a nice level of fat which helps to enhance the crispness. You may also want to include in your cucumber sandwich recipe ingredients which provide you with more pungent taste like garlic and chilli sauce. Spicy herbs like chilli can be thrown in depending on what your tastes prefer. You can make the spiciness level varies by adding in different condiments such as hot sauce or mayonnaise.

Green chutney, also known as coriander is one of the most commonly used condiments for cucumber sandwiches. Made from mint and also known as Indian chutney, this gives a nice tangy flavor and helps to enhance the crispness of the bread. You will need to have either green chutney leaves or seeds, which can be easily found in your local supermarket. Coriander leaves can be wilted and stored for a few days to allow for a more delicious taste.

A Popular Condiment

A popular condiment that you will find in many cucumber sandwich recipes is cream cheese. In fact you may also use sour cream in place of the cream cheese in some recipes. Using sour cream will give you the tangy taste that is associated with the sandwich. To add a little more pungent flavor to your sandwiches, you can try adding chopped chilies or red bell peppers. If using vegetables make sure that you rinse them well first so that the flavor does not lose its potency.

Last Words

Toppings for Indian cucumber sandwiches can vary but you will generally find ground beef, red cabbage and shredded lettuce on top. A fried egg also works well and is something that everyone should try. The sandwich is served with toasted bread slices but you may also want to serve it on your own hoagie roll with softened butter. You can add chopped dill and cream cheese to the sandwich as well as chopped tomatoes and green chutney to make a delicious sandwich that your family will love to eat again. The best part about this recipe is that it only takes a few minutes to make and it is easy to make a variety of different sandwiches that your family will enjoy.

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