How To Make A Great Egg And Cress Sandwich

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There are many variations of the classic egg and cress sandwich. The one that we have here is a classic southern treat that was popular in our hometown of Pensacola, Florida. This particular sandwich has been around for almost as long as there have been restaurants. I can remember my grandmother’s favorite and she always made it for breakfast.

Back then they just used any type of bread for the egg and cress. Back then it didn’t matter what color or type of bread it was; it worked just as well. You could use just about any bread you like. They even used whole wheat bread sometimes. If you didn’t like the flavor of your eggs or cress you simply added more Mayo or other types of “creamy” dressing to give it some flavor.

An Overview

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These sandwiches have had their ups and downs over the years but they are still as popular today as they have always been. Egg and cress sandwiches are served at almost any dining establishment whether it is a fast food restaurant or an elegant country style restaurant. They are also often served at lunch during the day. This is because the taste of chicken and eggs goes great together and gives people something else to chew on during their meal.

Most egg based sandwiches are prepared using only egg. For most recipes the chicken is always cooked in a skillet. If the skillet doesn’t come with the necessary ingredients, then you can always substitute it out. Most people do like to put some mayonnaise on the sandwich. It is totally optional, but makes things that much better.

Making Great Egg And Cress Sandwich

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One easy way to make a sandwich more tasty is to add a little extra dressing to it. A little mayonnaise makes the sandwich taste a lot better than just a simple egg and cress. To add a little extra zest to it, you can sprinkle the dressing over the top of the bread. You can also add the dressing to the egg and cress before you put it in the skillet.

There are many different types of sandwich fillings that you can use. One popular filling for egg and cress sandwiches is a mixture of cream cheese and mayonnaise. Another favorite is a mixture of Swiss or blue cheese along with the egg. These fillings can be used in a variety of ways to change up the original recipe. A good way to find different fillings is to look for a local deli that specializes in farm-fresh foods.

Making a sandwich this delicious takes a little practice, but the results are well worth the effort. The key to making a great egg and cress sandwich is to cook the egg and cream on the bottom side of the bread until it begins to set. Once it has done that, you then turn the bread over so the sandwich is now on the top side. Use your fingers to go about breaking up the chicken and moving it around in order to make sure the egg and cream are covered in the bread. Once that is done, you can then slice the sandwich into wedges.

In The End

As you can see, making a great egg and cress sandwich is not as difficult as some people may think. Using either Swiss or blue cheese, the chicken, and mayonnaise to make a great sandwich that any man can enjoy. It is something that just about anyone can enjoy because egg and cress just taste great. You won’t have to worry about how well you know the ingredients because the taste of these items is all you need.

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