How To Make A Delicious Pepper And Egg Sandwich

pepper and egg sandwich

It’s a favorite staple on Mondays during Lent among Catholic Italian Americans, especially in Chicago, Illinois where it’s served at the St. Lawrence Restaurant. It was actually invented by Irish immigrants to take advantage of their frequent need to travel long distances on weekends. The name comes from “pepper” and “egg” which simply refer to the way in which the bread is toasted.

To make the sandwich, the eggs are first cracked just before cooking. Then the pepper and onion are added just before the eggs are cooked, and finally the tomatoes are added just before the omelet is done. In addition to being used as a topping, the onions can also be sliced into small pieces so that they can be sprinkled on top of the eggs for an extra touch of flavor. Typically, the omelet is served with hash browns, but this is not a rule and is more of a preference. If hash browns are not on the menu, a simple sandwich with toast and bacon can be made instead. For even more choice, consider adding different types of sandwich fillings to the mix such as fresh tomatoes, ham or tomato relish.

Perfection Using A High Heat Griddle

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The key to making a great sandwich like the one described above is to start with the right ingredients and to cook the peppers and eggs to perfection using a high heat griddle. Using a non-stick skillet makes this process even easier since it prevents you from cooking the peppers and eggs in direct flames. It’s also wise to use the right types of spreads. If you’re not a fan of the flavor found in mayonnaise, try using a mustard seed spread or an herb butter spread instead.

As far as what type of bread to use, flatbread is always a good option since it can provide a crunchy texture and evenness to the sandwich. A lot of people choose to make sandwiches with wheat bread because it’s less messy and more healthy than the usual loaf of white bread. To add a little more variety, try substituting half of the turkey and cheese for another type of meat such as pepper omelet. Add vegetables to the sandwich such as sliced mushrooms and red onion and you’ve just added some much needed variety.

Speaking Of Variety

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Speaking of variety, make sure you have leftovers like the spinach frittata and the ham and Swiss roll as well as the tuna salad and the leftover ham and Swiss roll. These foods don’t require any refrigeration, however, so they’re perfect for parties and potlucks during the holidays. You could also include leftover veggies like zucchini, carrots and squash in the egg sandwich to save some for other dishes. Leftover turkey can also go nicely with the eggs, especially if the turkey was prepared the night before.

Pepper and Egg Sandwiches are usually served at lunch during the week and dinner on the weekends. Menus usually change depending on which week it is, but it usually consists of three to four eggs, some pepper, and a moderate amount of cheese. You may want to use reduced-fat cheese if you’re watching your cholesterol levels. Onions and tomatoes are also common additions. Sometimes dill and green onions are included for a hint of sweetness. Most diners prefer the grilled variety, which is brushed with olive oil and served on a bun.

Countless Variations Of The Classic Egg Sandwich

Although there are countless variations of the classic egg sandwich, the basic ingredients remain the same. Cheap bread (though you can always find better brands), a bunch of deli meats (ham and Swiss), tomato and cheese. Of course, everyone knows that mustard is used in the making of this delicious sandwich.

It’s not only the condiment that makes the sandwich taste so great, but also the bread itself. Some people like wheat bread, while others like rye or wheat bread. There are even some that like to cross breads over so that their pepper and egg sandwich have a more traditional type of flavor.

Final Words

When you’re ready to assemble your sandwich, start by spreading a thin layer of mayonnaise onto the two egg slices. Then place your meat in the middle of the mayonnaise. Next, top the meat with your desired level of cheese, and then add any vegetables that you would like. Then, press down lightly into the sandwich until the mayonnaise is fully spread across both sides of your slice of bread. Place your red bell pepper and green bell pepper onto your lettuce leaf and serve. If you have any leftover cheese, you can use that instead of the mayonnaise.

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