Guide To Making Vegan Sandwiches With Adequate Vegan Sandwich Calories

vegan sandwich calories

Vegan diets disregard animal products, including meat, fish, dairy and eggs. As you have to do without animal products, striking to find healthy, balanced meal plans on a vegan diet is not easy. How do you make sandwiches that don’t contain dairy or taste like one? We discuss the complete guide to making vegan sandwiches with adequate calories.

Mix Up Your Bread

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Making the perfect vegan sandwich all starts with bread variety. To get that variety right, you let the sandwich fillings and textures determine your bread type. You should also vary how you place your bread on the sandwich; crusted or not, toasted or not, grilled or warmed.

Don’t be afraid to mix things up, you may just make the world-greatest vegan sandwich. Use bread loafs like ciabatta, bagel, rye, challah, sourdough, corn tortillas and many more.

Find The Balance With Spreads And Fillings

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A key factor is to find the right balance with the spreads and fillings. The right balance ultimately makes for great sandwich tastes and textures. As mentioned before, don’t be so averse to mixing things up. Some common spreads you should try out include hummus varieties, cream cheese, avocado, bean dip, butter, cranberry sauce, ketchup, peanut butter.

You should make sure that your spreads are, however, dairy- free.

Make Your Fillings Cheesy

There used to be times when there were relatively no vegan cheeses; even the ones that existed were not good enough. But thankfully, there exist various great varieties of vegan cheese nowadays that you just have to keep trying each of them until you find one that works out for you. Making vegan sandwiches is no excuse to miss out on using cheese as fillings.

Some popular cheese brands include Violife, Daiya Cheese, Vegusto, Geezo and Miyoko’s Creamery.

Make Your Fillings Meaty

As well as making your fillings cheesy, you also have to make them meaty. You don’t have to miss out on the many meat substitutes available to use when making vegan sandwiches. You should try out some of the following meaty fillings; vegan meats, vegan deli slices, breaded or grilled seitan strips, lentil meatloaf slices, barbecue jackfruit, vegan sausages, and veggie burgers.

Include Vegetables In Your Sandwich

For you to get adequate nutrients and calories from your sandwich, you should include vegetables in your sandwich. Apart from being nutritious, they also give you that awesome taste, crunch, and add the much needed variety. Some vegetables to use include pickles, fresh or fried onions, sliced tomatoes, avocado, grilled mushrooms, cilantro, chopped carrots, eggplant bacon and many others.

Embrace Variety And Unpredictability

Make your vegan sandwich stand out. Make that gourmet twist. You should consider adding an unexpected ingredient, or even a sweet taste. Add ingredients like potato chips, fried plantains, salsa varieties, bagged apples or pears, succeed figs and so on.


Making vegan sandwiches is all about getting the right variety. However, how do you make your sandwich with adequate vegan sandwiches calories? This is why we discuss the guide to making vegan sandwiches with adequate calories.

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