Freezing An Oatmeal Egg Sandwich

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But it’s also one of the least favorite super foods on the planet. So here are some useful tips and tricks on how to make this delectable treat a bit healthier – and tastier.

First of all, you can always bake these yummy egg sandwiches in different ways. The conventional technique is to cook the egg sandwiches and use mayonnaise as a dressing. The problem with this technique is that mayonnaise is a high calorie food. So in order to reduce your intake of calories, switch to another topping for your egg sandwiches. For instance, if you are going to bake a spinach recipe egg sandwich, you might want to consider substituting the mayonnaise for a low-fat yogurt based dressing.

A Low-Calorie Version

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Another trick for a low-calorie version of your savory breakfast and snack is to bake your egg sandwich recipes using whole grain breadcrumbs. Whole grain bread crumbs contain fewer calories than their refined counterparts, so by using them, you can cut down on your overall calorie count. However, whole grain bread crumbs are harder to cook, so if you don’t have the time to prepare them, substitute your breadcrumbs with crunchy veggies instead.

One of the most important pro tips for egg sandwiches is to bake them in a properly prepared and temperature controlled oven. Using an oven that is too hot will ruin your healthy sandwich, while one that is too cold can leave it soggy and damp. For best results, aim for a temperature range of 200 degrees Fahrenheit or slightly higher.

Sandwich More Tasty

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To make your frozen spinach and egg breakfast sandwich more tasty, you can also add chopped tomatoes, chopped ham, or additional cheese. Ham is especially nice on this savory breakfast because it provides a hearty source of protein for your breakfast. You can also substitute mayonnaise for the spinach if you don’t like the taste of spinach. Just remember to use the unsweetened kind for these healthier wraps.

One of the best tips for eating healthy on your way to getting your daily nutritional requirements is to serve your frozen breakfast sandwich as a healthy meal prep breakfast sandwich alternative. Simply take leftover bread dough from last night’s dinner and use it to make a crusty sandwich that is topped with vegetables. You can put cooked ham and cheese on top or you can just add the vegetables. Make sure to keep some extra bread rolls handy to top off your meal prep breakfast sandwiches.

The Sandwich Flat Out

You can also make the sandwich flat out, slice it in half, and then top it with an egg salad. This delicious recipe uses egg whites instead of spinach and uses a reduced amount of cheese in the recipe. 

The reduced amount of cheese allows you to still enjoy the flavor of the cheese while cutting back on unhealthy fats. You’ll also be able to see exactly how I meal prep and freezer by watching the video at the top of this article.


For the best results when using this frozen breakfast sandwich recipe, make sure you use a pancake mix that is very fine and grainy. Also, don’t forget to soak the oats for up to three months if you are baking this for a slow cooker use. If you are baking the sandwich quickly for a quick breakfast, you can bake the oats after the mix has cooled completely. When cooking, stir the pancake mix constantly so that the oats don’t cook unevenly. When the oatmeal is done baking, simply run a spatula under it to finish cooking.

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