Famous Egg Sandwich Present On Instagram

Famous Egg Sandwich That Present On Instagram

The egg sandwich is one of the richest snacks as it is tender, juicy and satiating. Furthermore, it is also suitable for vegetarians in its most basic form, which adds to its success. With it, dinner can be solved in a jiffy or can be used to fix a quick and satisfactory lunch.

The Instagram egg sandwich is easier to make than it seems. It was the restaurant Konbi, in Los Angeles, that put this sandwich in the mouth of most social network users. The key is in one of its ingredients: the egg, which is present in different textures, something that gives it a unique dimension.

Its presentation is very photogenic, so it is not surprising that its a common social network delicacy. Nevertheless, we can attest that it is delicious in flavor as well. This is because the combination of cooked egg with mayonnaise is fabulous. If we add a good white bread, fresh and tender, the result is a delightful snack.

The end result is to offer a palatable egg sandwich since the trick is to offer several stages of egg cooking on the same support. Moreover, it is not as complicated as it may seem. Therefore, it is not necessary to possess the talent of a Michelin star, it only takes a little skill and the following recipe.

Famous Egg Sandwich That Present On Instagram
Famous Egg Sandwich That Present On Instagram

Ingredients For Egg Sandwich

Six eggs

Six slices of bread

One tablespoon and a half of fresh cream

Two tablespoons mayonnaise

Half tablespoon of Dijon mustard


The first thing will be to cook the eggs. It is the delicate part since you have to be careful with the times to achieve the different textures that this sandwich requires. For this, take three eggs and put them in a bowl of water and ice. It will cause the yolk not to finish coagulating when the temperature drops suddenly.

In another bowl, chop the onion very thinly, add the cream, mayonnaise, and mustard. Then chop the eggs that you have left cooking and incorporate them into the bowl to stir the whole mixture. The result will be a thick sauce and great flavor.

Now the time has come to assemble the sandwich, which, as you can see, does not contain great secrets. Arrange three slices of bread and on them the eggs that you removed early halved;  cover them with the mixture and place the other slice. It’s ready. But to present the sandwiches professionally, cut them in half so that you will be discovering the semi-melted egg yolk.

Famous Egg Sandwich That Present On Instagram
Famous Egg Sandwich That Present On Instagram

Final trick

Notably, this is one of the fashion recipes, and, as you have seen, it is available to anyone. The results are impressive both in presentation and taste. But you have to take care of the cooking time of the eggs to achieve the semi-coagulated yolk. In this aspect, the size of the eggs is essential, since the larger ones will take longer to cook correctly. Consequently, always try to ensure the eggs are of the same size and do not forget to stop cooking by turning to ice-cold water.

Now you know how to make this Instagram egg sandwich, and when complete do not hesitate to show everyone on your social networks. However, you have to enjoy it and marvel at the different egg textures you have created. The Instagram egg sandwich is , without a doubt, a sandwich that will surprise anyone who tries it.

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