Easy Ways to Make an Egg Sandwich Without Oil and Butter

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You can’t get a more versatile food from an avocado than a simple egg sandwich. The texture of the sandwich, the flavor, and the taste of the egg and avocado is something that will appeal to a large variety of people, from the health-conscious to the non-concerned to even the food snobs!

The sandwich is one of the healthiest sandwiches on the planet! It has very little fat, but it has a lot of protein, so many people love it! There are several ways to make an egg sandwich without any added oils, though.

Healthiest Sandwiches Recipes

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Most people like the best way to eat an avocado, as they call it, with a bread slice. The avocado slices are cut down the middle to be served with the meat or eaten independently. They’re very nice on their own too, since you won’t have to worry about putting oil or butter on top.

One way to get an egg sandwich without any added oils is to use just one egg instead of two. For the egg sandwich on your first attempt, you may want to leave one whole egg on the sandwich, as it tends to be a little hard to eat with just two pieces of bread. Egg whites tend to stay together better than egg yolks, which is one of the reasons they have become so popular!

Avocado Sandwich

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Another way to eat an avocado sandwich is to use it as a topping with cheese. The avocado itself can add a lot of texture to a sandwich, and if you have a lot of nice fresh cheeses, they really work well with avocado! If you don’t have a lot of fresh cheeses, you can try using regular shredded cheese.

Another easy way to make a sandwich without added oil or butter is to use avocado and cream cheese, which is a great sandwich on its own. Cream cheese is very good for you, and it doesn’t contain fat, making it a good option if you’re trying to watch your weight!

As far as what kind of avocado to use, it’s really up to you! For example, avocados that are frozen are a bit softer and can easily break apart into smaller pieces than ripe ones.

Alternate Options To Egg Sandwich

The last way to make an egg sandwich is to simply cut an avocado in half and spread it onto a slice of toast. For an easy twist, try spreading it on top of a salad instead of the sandwich. Either way, you’re bound to be very satisfied with the results!

You can also try filling your sandwich with one of the many vegetables that go well with eggs. Cabbage is a great option for this, and it goes great with sweet potatoes as well!

Avocado and bacon are other popular combinations for a great sandwich, but if you’re feeling a little less adventurous, try using just one egg with a slice of ham or even one egg with sausage and bacon.


Egg salad has been a favorite of many people all over the world. Simply spread a few sliced eggs on some lettuce and tomatoes, and it’s easy to make a great salad that will give your sandwich the same delicious flavor and texture that you’re expecting.

Avocado has so many different uses for sandwiches, but these three are the most common. Just remember to keep in mind how easy they are to make, and you’ll have a lot of them on hand when you need them!

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