Easy and Delicious Egg-Shaped Avocado Recipes

Avocado Egg Sandwich

A delicious avocado egg sandwich is a perfect combination of two favorite things. Not only is the avocado a healthy food, but it is also delicious and makes a great sandwich. It also doesn’t have any calories and is considered to be one of the healthiest foods available.

Eggy! What could possibly make this combination better? Well, there are many things that I love about this sandwich but let’s start with the ingredients.

Avocado Egg Sandwich: Ingredients

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Sliced bread: 6 slices whole-grain bread, one large avocado big enough to hold a few slices of this delicious egg sandwich, One slice of your favorite cheese.

You don’t have to go to the super fancy bistro for this sandwich. It is great at home with a simple bowl of cooked rice, black bean, or black beans.

Avocado. As long as you use fresh avocados, you can really enjoy them for this sandwich. However, if you can’t find fresh avocados or are on a diet, this sandwich won’t taste good for you.

As much as possible, avoid using guacamole in the avocado. The guacamole tends to add extra sugar to the avocado. However, if you really can’t find guacamole, try using some canned avocado or even mashed avocados instead.

Mayo. Mayo is great for this sandwich. It helps the avocado stick to the bread, making for a very tasty and yummy sandwich.

Egg. This combination is so very yummy and delicious that you will want to eat just one more egg to top it off.

Avocado. If you can’t find avocados in your area, you can try an alternative source.

Fresh lime. Fresh lime juice just doesn’t taste bad, especially in a sandwich. Try blending it with a little water and using it as a dipping sauce for the avocado.

Egg. Fresh egg salad is a perfect side dish for this delicious sandwich. Just mix the salad dressing with a little water to make it thicker and add some mayonnaise and a little salt.

Eggs. Avocado can be served plain, salted, or with salsa.

Avocado is one of those vegetables that is versatile enough to feed a crowd. You can use it in so many different ways. You can make a delicious egg and mayonnaise sandwich, make an egg salad, or just serve it as a main meal.

Tips To Preparation

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A piece of avocado, two eggs, and a dash of mayonnaise. Use whole-grain bread as the sandwich base. Add some chopped tomatoes, shredded lettuce, cilantro, and shredded cheese.

Add some avocado and a little dressing, about a quarter cup of sliced cooked chicken and one egg, and make a yolk sandwich. Make a tuna salad sandwich with two pieces of tuna, a couple of slices of avocado, two hard-boiled eggs, some cilantro, and some black olives.

Add some chopped tomatoes, one egg, and a slice of mozzarella cheese on top of a piece of grilled sandwich, and use some of your mayonnaise on the top to make an egg and mayonnaise sandwich.

Place an avocado between two slices of bread, a piece of cheese, one egg, and one-half cup of mayonnaise. On top of this sandwich, add a few tablespoons of salad dressing. If you want to make a tuna salad sandwich, add four pieces of cooked, peeled tuna and a couple of pieces of cheese.

Things To Consider

Put an avocado between two pieces of bread, a slice of cheese, one egg, one-quarter cup of mayonnaise, and two-thirds cup of grapefruit juice. Replace the juice in the mayonnaise with water and add one-fourth cup of mayonnaise.

Take a sliced avocado between two pieces of bread, one egg, one tablespoon of mayonnaise, two hard-boiled eggs, one-half cup of tomato sauce, and one-third cup of mayonnaise and replace the mayonnaise with water. In order to make a yolk sandwich, replace the mayonnaise in the sandwich with two pieces of cooked, peeled, cubed tuna.

Bottom Line

Add an avocado between two pieces of toast, a slice of cheddar cheese, one egg, one-half cup of yogurt, one-third cup of mayonnaise, and two slices of cilantro leaves. To make a taco-style sandwich, add one slice of avocado between two slices of the tortilla. Replace the yogurt with a slice of cheese, two hard-boiled eggs, one-half cup of tomato sauce, one-half cup of salsa, and one-half cup of mayonnaise.

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