Designed to Perform Even Better and a Chef’s Choice! Provides Lasting Durability and Cutting Edge!

Even if you are not a Chef and go to the kitchen very rarely, even then, you should have a basic knowledge of the types of knives and their uses. You can’t use one Knife for every chore in your kitchen. Many multi-purpose knives can be used for many things, but even then, they are limited. Let’s know a little bit about different knives and their uses, and we have one special Knife for you that you can get right away. 

An all-purpose knife is an all-rounder knife that can be used for meat, fishes, fruits, and vegetables. It has a wider and round shape that is suitable for vegetables and also cutting, slicing different kinds of fishes and meats. 

The other common Knife is a slicing and carving knife specially made to give detailed shape and slice to the raw fruits and vegetables. If you often cut and slice fishes, meats, hams, etc., a slicing and carving knife is an ideal choice for you. It is also known as a Sujihiki knife. 

Professional 8 Inches Hammer Knife

Chef’s Knife is the most common Knife that you have in many kitchens. It is often used for cutting, filleting, and preparing fish and meat. The blade of this Knife is slim and sharper that makes it ideal for cutting or slicing meat, vegetables, and fishes. 

This professional Knife is made by the brand name HAOYE and the material used in making this Knife is supreme quality Damascus Steel. This hammer knife is 330mm in length and has 2.3mm of thickness in the blade. This made it ideal for chopping, cutting, slicing meat and fishes of all kinds. 


  • Brand Name: HAOYE
  • Material: Damascus Steel
  • Feature: Stocked
  • Type: Knives
  • Model: Number Nature-Leopard
  • Certification: SGS
  • Knife Type: Chef Knives
  • Material: Damascus (blade), Rosewood (handle)
  • Size: 330 mm (total length), 2.3 mm (thickness of the blade)
A knife sitting on top of a wooden cutting board


  • Razor-sharp knife to easily cut through meat and hard food items. 
  • It has a comfortable luxurious rosewood handle and non-slip grip. You won’t get any rough marks on your hand due to grip. 
  • The blade is rust and corrosive resistant to let your Knife last longer. 
A knife sitting on top of a wooden cutting board


  • It is difficult to chop or slice fruits and vegetables small in size with this 8-inch hammer knife. 


Having the right kitchen knife for different activities is as important as having the right clothes to wear for different occasions. You might use one Knife for multiple uses, but it won’t give the satisfactory finish of the Knife specifically made for that purpose. 

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