Creating The Perfect Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich

hard boiled egg sandwich

This is rather like what they do at many hotels but instead of using a fork to eat, you use your finger to take a bite out of it. These are rather popular especially in college campuses. It is simple to make and easy to enjoy.

Making A Hard Boiled Egg Sandwich

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To make a hard boiled egg sandwich, start by getting the first piece of bread that has been toasted. To make the hard boiled egg sandwich more delicious, you may use mayonnaise, salt and pepper to prepare the sandwich. Add the eggs into a saucepan with just enough water and season well with salt, bring to a boil then reduce the heat, cover for another 10 seconds and let it cool down.

When you serve the egg sandwich recipe, place a second slice of bread on the plate and cut the first one in half. Then, cut this half of the bread into quarters which you will use to put the sandwich into. Fold up the second piece of bread on top of the first one. You may use the entire egg when making the hard boiled eggs sandwich recipe. If you want to serve your guests a vegetarian dish, you may replace half of the meat with vegetables.

Best Served On Whole Wheat Bread With Mayonnaise

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Making a hard boiled eggs sandwich is best served on whole wheat bread with mayonnaise. Alternately, you may serve it on a baguette with sliced tomatoes and green onions. You may also serve the sandwich with slaw or cucumber slices instead of the hard boiled eggs.

The preparation of hard boiled egg sandwich is quite simple. You will need to heat a skillet or wok on high heat. Add a layer of onions, garlic and salt to the skillet or wok. Add your eggs and mix them well together.

Plating The Sandwich

Start placing the pieces of bread on the hot skillet or wok. When all the pieces are fully mixed, add some mayonnaise to the center of each piece of bread. Cover all the pieces with the wet lettuce leaves and place them into an iron tray. Heat the sandwich maker and cook the egg mixture until it reaches the desired doneness. Switch off the flame and open up the sandwich breads.

Serve up the sandwiches with mayonnaise. Add a second slice of bread and dip the outer edge of the bread into the mayonnaise. Return the first piece of bread to the oven and cook it for another few minutes. When you want to serve up the dish, remove the mayonnaise from the first piece of bread and replace it with the second piece.

Hard Boiled Egg Sandwiches Are Absolutely Yumm

Hard boiled egg sandwiches are absolutely yummy when made with mayonnaise and a savoury variety of cheese. They can be served with crackers, baguettes, hamburgers and hotdogs. When buying this type of sandwich, choose the mayonnaise that is used in the salad dressing and dip the bread into the salad before serving it up. This way you can ensure that all the ingredients are covered in the mayonnaise.


You will find that this is a very easy breakfast to prepare. It is a quick and easy way to enjoy the taste of eggs cooked to perfection. When you make this sandwich, you can choose to have the hard-boiled eggs on the side or you can include them as a main item. You can also choose to have ham and turkey along with your sandwich instead of ham and cheese. The sky is really the limit when you are creating your own sandwich.

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