Cooking A Fried Egg Sandwich

fried egg sandwich recipe

A fried egg sandwich is one of my favorite foods. I take one to work with me almost every day, and it usually doesn’t even last until lunchtime! If I were to make a recipe for it, I could use any bread and substitute the egg’s turkey bacon. The result would be a very similar dish to the original.

Sandwich From The Scratch

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I’ve also made homemade egg sandwiches from scratch several times. It is one of my favorites at home. My kids can’t have them, though, because they don’t like the taste. When they do eat them, though, they give them a big ole’ hug and say, “Mama, you made us some delicious fried eggs!” That usually gets their attention and makes them happy.


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There are many variations on the fried egg sandwich. Some call for ham instead of turkey bacon. Others replace the egg with another type of egg. It’s all up to you. Just use good-quality cooking eggs, and you should be fine. You can also cook your sandwich in a non-stick frying pan or skillet. It would help if you were sure that your skillet is well seasoned with pepper and onion flakes and that it has either no or low levels of heat. When preparing the sandwich, you want to make sure it is served quickly after it is cooked. The longer it sits, the drier it will become.

Mayonnaise In Sandwich

A traditional egg sandwich may also contain mayonnaise. You may also use sour cream or yogurt in place of mayonnaise if you’d prefer a different taste or don’t like the egg’s natural flavors. In any event, this is a reasonably simple food to prepare. For example, the sandwich may begin by laying one or two egg slices on a plate. You’ll then combine one tablespoon of mayonnaise in a bowl along with two to three tablespoons of sour cream or yogurt, depending on individual preference. Next, crack two eggs into a bowl and begin to beat them vigorously. You can use a food processor to beat them faster, but be sure to keep the beaters close to the beaters to avoid overbeating the eggs.

Steps To Cook A Delicious Sandwich

When the egg is beaten thoroughly, break it into several pieces, and mix them gently. Next, spoon a quarter teaspoon of the mayonnaise mixture over the beaten egg and then spread it around the sandwich. You can refrigerate the sandwich until ready to serve. To make sure that your fried egg sandwich comes out perfect, serve it with your favorite kind of bread. Although you may find it tempting to dip it in some tasty non-oil variation of tomato sauce, try to avoid it if possible. A better choice would be to spread a bit of the mayonnaise-based spread on the bread. You can also sprinkle the remaining ingredients over the sandwich. Serve up your sandwich with any salad for a complete and delicious lunch or dinner. You might even enjoy a fruit salad if you have some crunchy pearls to add to the plate.

The Healthy Factor

If you want to up the healthy factor of your fried egg sandwich, try substituting the mayonnaise for a reduced-fat Mayo. You might also want to add chopped onions or green onions to the egg. You can always use lettuce instead of tomato sauce. If you are not much of a big fan of the idea of frying an egg, try preparing it the old fashioned way and serve it up with grilled vegetables. Just heat the oil a bit and toss in your vegetables for a real treat.

Top It Off With Shredded Lettuce Leaves

Another way to spruce up your sandwich is to top it off with shredded lettuce leaves, tomatoes, and your choice of toppings. Try sprinkling some black pepper over it for an authentic taste. Other popular additions include fresh pickles, sliced zucchini, olives, and spicy mayonnaise. Feel free to interchange these ingredients so you can create your sandwich mixture. It is also possible to substitute olive oil for the mayonnaise. Just run a small amount of olive oil underwater and mix it into the egg.+

Cook In A Skillet

Another fun way to prepare a fried egg sandwich is by cooking it in a skillet. First, cut the sandwich in halves and place half on each plate. Heat the oil in your skillet until it begins to shimmer. Turn the sandwich over so that it is partially cooked. Then remove one side and flip the sandwich over so that it is fully cooked but still retaining its shape.

Summing Up

You can make this delicious sandwich in several different ways. The important thing is that it is always delicious and nutritious. A fried egg sandwich can easily be the best meal you have ever had, and if you are looking for something different to take along to work, you should consider this tasty breakfast treat.

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