Condiments For Sandwiches You Must Try To Enhance Flavour

Condiments For Sandwiches You Must Try To Enhance Flavour

Sandwich condiments are sauces or spreads which adds the boost of extra flavors to your sandwich. Like the traditional sandwich fillings are necessary to boost the taste of the sandwich, condiments are also essential to spread or sprinkle on sandwich bread. Furthermore, it adds moisture to the dry bread. 

The Top Sandwich Condiments 

Notably, to make a sandwich, one has to choose the right bread and filling. Additionally, it is also vital to have the correct combination of sauces on sandwiches for a gastronomical delight. This adds the right flavor to the sandwich, be it tangy, sweet-salty, or a combination of a few. Therefore, if you are thinking of some tasty condiments to make, these top list of sandwich condiments works best in all kinds of bread and filings. 

Condiments For Sandwiches You Must Try To Enhance Flavour
Condiments For Sandwiches You Must Try To Enhance Flavour

Ketchup Condiments

Ketchup is a favorite sauce or spreads for sandwiches of all kinds. It is often the first thing that comes to your mind when you think of a sandwich. With the rise of ketchup variety, it makes it one of the most popular condiments. 

Mustard Sauce As Condiments

The mustard sauce adds a sharp and strong flavor to a sandwich. Mustard is available many varieties today, ranging from stone-ground to honey mustard. Therefore, the mustard flavor is one of the most suitable condiments for your sandwich filings. 

Mayonnaise/Aioli Condiments

Mayonnaise is a must in most sandwiches. It can be heavy if used in excess, but its creamy flavor adds flavor and moisture to dry sandwiches. Aioli can be a close substitute for mayonnaise. However, it is not as heavy as mayonnaise. 

Pickle Relish

If you love pickle food, then the pickle relish will be top in your list. It is a popular condiment that comes with hot dogs and sausages. Generally, it can be a great tangy flavor condiment for sandwiches. 


Hummus is a tasty condiment that is used in vegetarian sandwiches as well as non-vegetarian sandwiches. Notably, it is a smooth, garlicky flavor paste made with some lemon tang and cumin spice, which tastes excellent on sandwiches and burgers. It is traditionally served with a pita pocket containing fresh cucumbers and tomato. 

Pesto Sauce 

The basil flavored pesto sauce is not only ideal for pasta but an excellent option for sandwiches too. It gives a garden-fresh flavor and balance to sandwiches. 

Balsamic Vinaigrette

Balsamic vine grate is quite tangy in taste. Primarily, it is used to add moisture to sandwiches. However, it should be cautiously used as too much can make delicious sandwiches extremely soggy and messy. 

Ranch Dressing

Ranch dressing is not only for salad dressings but also a great condiment to add a tangy flavor to the sandwiches. It can be great with chicken and vegetable cutlets too. 


Tapenade is a smooth paste made of chopped olives, capers, and anchovies. It enhances the flavors of the sandwich to a notch higher. Consequently, it is a treat to the taste buds and a great sandwich condiment used today. 

Condiments For Sandwiches You Must Try To Enhance Flavour
Condiments For Sandwiches You Must Try To Enhance Flavour

Think Out Of The Box And Experiment With Condiments 

These sauces and condiments prove that if one thinks out of the box, many new condiments can be used on sandwiches. The aforementioned condiments are some of the common ones and some unusual, but they all will give mouth-watering results. 

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