Chicken Salad Sandwich Recipes

chicken salad sandwich

One of the all-time classic lunch foods is the chicken salad sandwich. It is simple to make, relatively inexpensive and is delicious. Serve chicken salad sandwiches as a side dish for dinner and enjoy them along with sliced tomatoes, lettuce, a little cheese, or some chips. For a more a-together, lunchtime fix, top the chicken salad with fresh vegetables and a dash of sour cream. You can serve it sliced from the tail on a warm piece of bread with some butter and peppermary.

How to make Chicken Salad Sandwich

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If you are in a hurry for mealtime, but still want something nutritious, serve it the same day. You can serve it the same way you would prepare a tuna fish salad. You just need to add mayonnaise, Tabasco sauce, and chicken salad sandwich dressing. To make this more a part of a larger meal, serve it with whole-wheat crackers. You can also add chopped canned or fresh tomatoes and a dash of Tabasco sauce, if you like. This is a great sandwich to eat at work if you need extra protein and want something to tide you over until your next meal.

Many people choose to make a chicken salad sandwich from scratch rather than buying it. If you have a deli that has a pre-made sandwich theme, it is easy to put together. Just remember to add your bread and any other ingredients you want to use at the beginning of the recipe. You can put the mayonnaise on first and then spread the contents out on the bread. Add your other ingredients and turn the bread over so that it is flat.

Some sandwiches are more complicated than others, however. When making a chicken salad sandwich with ingredients that are cold, you will want to put the ingredients in first and then put your bread on top. Fill the middle with your desired amount of whatever dressing you wish to use. Spread some mustard sauce on top and then fold it over so that the mustard is completely hidden. Place your sandwich in the refrigerator and wait for it to warm up a bit before eating it.

If you are feeling particularly ambitious, you may consider making your own chicken salad sandwich using whole wheat bread. The secret is to cut the bread into large chunks and then add your mayonnaise. Fold the slices over so that they are triangular and place them on a plate. Repeat this process with the other ingredients until your sandwich is full and ready to eat.

You can use homemade mayonnaise or store bought if you prefer. A homemade mayonnaise will require you to use a food processor in order for it to be a smooth consistency rather than lumpy. If you feel like trying to cook your own meat and vegetables for your chicken salad sandwich, then you may want to try marinating the meat and placing it in a zip bag for a few hours before cooking. This will give it a nice flavor and will help to preserve its freshness.

One of the best chicken salad sandwich recipes ever was created by the late Helen De Waal. She used an assortment of greens, lettuce, tomato, and cream to create a delicious and colorful dish. Her recipe is still popular because it is easy to make and very healthy as well. It only required grilling, baking, and dipping the sandwich in a tangy lemon dressing before serving. Her recipe will definitely get your guests talking and commenting.

End Note

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If you are having trouble finding the right salad dressing to mix with your chicken salad, then try using a teaspoon of lime juice with one tablespoon of lemon juice. The taste difference is surprisingly noticeable. Other excellent choices for your salad dressing include: fresh herbs such as dill, chives, or garlic; dried tomatoes; crackers with ground pepper and reduced fat cheese; black olives; and shredded carrots. The key to a tasty recipe is to use high quality ingredients. Do not skimp on any of these items because they will pay for themselves in the taste difference. Keep the above guidelines in mind when making your own homemade chicken salad recipe.

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