Best Tuna Sandwich Recipes You Must Try At Your Home

tuna sandwich recipes

Canned tuna gained its popularity in the 20th century. Tuna salad is very famous at restaurants. However, tuna sandwiches are also loved everywhere.

Ready In 5 Minutes Grilled Tuna Sandwich Recipe

A hand holding a sandwich


A sandwich and fries on a plate

Salad leaves


French baguette

Tuna Can in water

½ teaspoon of pepper




Red chili sauce


First, you have to chop the onion and garlic.

Then mix them with the mayonnaise. To make it spicy, you can add red chili sauce.

Take a brown or white bread according to your choice and apply butter to it. Spread the mayonnaise paste mixed with garlic and onion on it.

For more taste, but the salad leaves, cut onions in the shape of rings on its top.

Open your can of tuna and then drain the water.

Take a spoon of tuna and spread it on the mixture. Cover this with another bread piece, with a spread of mayonnaise paste on it.

You can cut the sandwich diagonally for easy handling.

Take a skillet and heat it over the high-medium flame.

Lay the sandwich on it. Continue this until the second bread also becomes golden brown.

Remove it and serve the delicious and hot tuna sandwich with milkshakes.

Incredible Tuna Sandwich Recipe With Eggs And Celery For Weight Gain








Two cans of tuna

boiled egg


Salad leaves



Lemon juice

Instructions To Make A Protein-Rich Tuna Sandwich With Eggs

Take the bread loof and cut the bread.

Take a bowl and mix the mayonnaise with ketchup or lemon juice and mustard, both in equal proportions. Spread the mixture on the bread.

Put salad leaves, round slices of tomato, with a pinch of salt, onions, and cucumber on the bread.

Cover this with tuna on top

Next, add one or two teaspoons of sauce. Then add sliced eggs, salad leaf.

Cover it with another slice of bread topped with mayonnaise and eat.

To have a light meal, you can use yogurt instead of mayonnaise.

Hot Pan Fried Tuna Sandwich


Four slices of bread

Two cans of tuna




Two tablespoons of the lemon juice

Sliced celery

Two rings of onions

Tomato Slices

Slices of Swiss cheese

One tablespoon of cut parsley



Make the tuna salad first. For this, mix the tuna, drained from water, lemon juice in ¼ glass of mayonnaise.

Then add parsley, one piece of celery, and chopped onion in a bowl. Add ¼ teaspoons of salt and pepper.

Take a buttered bread and place the tuna salad mix, shredded cheese, tomatoes on it.

Next, cover the mix with another bread slice with butter.

Now you have to take and heat a frying pan. Apply some butter to it. Then put the sandwiches on it. Fry the sandwich until their crust turns golden brown from both sides.


These simple 10 minutes tuna sandwich recipes can satisfy your cravings for a simple but tasty homemade tuna sandwich.

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