Baked Egg Sandwich Recipe

boiled egg sandwich

A boiled egg sandwich is easy to make and an easy way to satisfy that craving for fried chicken or a bowl of macaroni and cheese. In just a few minutes you can top this simple dish with vegetables and any type of dip you prefer. This is the ultimate comfort food that people like to eat, whether they are dieting or just feeling hungry. This meal is popular around the world and was voted as one of the most favorite foods in the world by the Harvard School of Public Health.

To make this dish, start by cooking the butter and bread slices on one side of the skillet. Once both sides are cooked, add the softened cream cheese and then slowly melt the butter on the bread slices. Spread about one tablespoon of cream cheese over each piece of bread. Next, lay down a hard-boiled egg on top of the bread crumbs.

Option For Healthier Recipe

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xTo make this recipe healthier, substitute the mayonnaise for a yogurt based spreadable cheese if you are replacing the butter in the recipe. To make the toast taste better, replace the cheese in the recipe with yogurt instead of butter. Bring to a boil the bread, and then turn the oven switch to the low setting. Wait for it to be ready. Then cut the prepared spinach into small pieces. Mix these small pieces of spinach in the center of the cooked egg, followed by the cooked mayonnaise and the green pepper.

If you want to serve it with green pepper, cut off about half of a green pepper and put it in the center of each half of the bread crumbs. Then using your fork, start to stir the mixture until the green pepper is coated in the melted butter. When the bread sandwich is done, place it on a plate and keep it aside to cool.

Steps Involved In Making A Baked Egg Sandwich

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Once the cheese slice is melted, add the egg mixture to one side of both pieces of bread. The egg mixture will help maintain the shape of the bread. Fill up the second slice with the cooked spinach and the tuna salad as well. Make sure that the pieces of bread are well-caved and well-diced. If one slice is too crowded, do not fill up the other slice with the same amount of tuna salad or spinach. Leave the opening of the sandwich to be able to easily slide the filling out.

Before cutting into the sandwich, remember to flip both pieces of bread. Then, place one down onto a plate. Brush some mustard on both sides of the sandwich and garnish with salt and pepper to make it look pretty. Place this delicious recipe in your refrigerator for easy next day breakfast food.

If you want to change up this old-fashioned breakfast food, you can also substitute the tuna salad for another fruit, like strawberries. In fact, strawberries have been included in some recipes as an ingredient to add more flavor to the boiled egg sandwich. Or, you can also try adding a little cheese to the egg mixture and serve that as an appetizer. You can serve it with grilled salmon for a completely different way of preparation for your sandwiches.

Final Words

Some other easy-to-make, quick and efficient boiled egg sandwiches are available in other cookbooks as well as on the Internet. One of the best known recipes for egg sandwiches is the classic California roll, which is made using a sharp knife and served with lettuce, sliced tomatoes and mayonnaise. Other quick and easy sandwich recipes include the Chicago-style, ham and cheese, tuna salad, California corn chowder, cinnamon French toast and spinach omelet.

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