A Vegan Hummus Recipe Thats Perfect for a Pita Sandwich

vegan hummus sandwich

A vegan hummus sandwich sounds like the most delicious and easy-to-make dessert you can make. It’s not. A hummus-style sandwich doesn’t exactly pass for healthy, but that doesn’t mean you have to avoid eating it altogether. With a few clever tricks, you can actually make a tasty vegan meal that satisfies all your cravings while being kind to your body as well.

Start by making a toasted sandwich cookie. If you don’t have a cookie cutter, try using a food processor or a pastry bag with a rounded bottom. In a large bowl, combine 2 slices of whole grain bread with one tablespoon of vegan margarine, two tablespoons of brown sugar, a quarter teaspoon of salt, and one tablespoon of fresh lemon juice. Mix until completely blended. Set aside.

If you’re looking for a quick, easy, and flavorful vegan recipe, then this one is it! You’ll need a food processor, a raw vegan yogurt, and fresh vegetables. Combine all of your ingredients in a large bowl and mix thoroughly. Form the mixture into two small patties, cover them in water and refrigerate for up to an hour. This will make a simple vegan hummus sandwich that you can heat up in just a few minutes!

How To Prepare The Pita Sandwich

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In the meantime, prepare your vegetables. Lay down a sheet of aluminum foil, coat it with oil and place half of a sliced portabella mushroom on the top. Next, place a half of a cup of raw vegan yogurt on the portabella mushroom. The goal is to create a moist, yet tender green layer underneath the mushrooms. To ensure even cooking, add about a quarter inch of water to the mixture while it’s cooking.

Once the cheese and mushroom mixture is done, lay down another layer of the raw vegan yogurt and beets on top. Keep the second layer of seeds dry and fresh until you are ready to serve the sandwich bread. By this time, the greens should have soaked up the excess moisture from the hummus and beets. Place the third layer of bread on top of the greens and enjoy your delicious sandwich bread.

As you can see, this is by far one of the easiest vegan recipe you will ever attempt. All you need to do is find a vegan bread that doesn’t contain any refined sugar and substitute that with some vegan yogurt and sliced beets. Then throw in your favorite vegetables and you’re set. Easy as pie, isn’t it?

You Can Add Variety To Your Classic Hummus Sandwich

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If you are looking for a healthier toasted sandwich recipe, you may want to try this variation on the classic hummus sandwich. Instead of using the chickpea paste, you can replace it with a squash or sweet potato instead. You can also substitute the cheese and tomatoes for some of your favorite vegan cheese. swap out the mayonnaise for a creamy avocado and you are all set.

Another great and healthy vegan recipe to try out is this radish dip. This is so much healthier than that yummy hummus sandwich! Instead of using the same old mayonnaise spread, you can add some radish hearts which will give your sandwich an exotic flavor. The only problem with this dip is finding radish hearts that are big enough to fit into your container. You may want to pick up some small radish hearts at the grocery store.

Ways To Spruce Your Sandwich

To make this sandwich even tastier, you can dip the slices of radish into the avocado to add the extra crunch. Mix together two pieces of sliced cucumbers with one slice of avocado and place on whole wheat bread. Toast and enjoy. You may need to adjust the toasted bread to make sure it is nice and toasty. I usually like to toast it until golden brown.

A very easy way to spruce up this sandwich is to add some sliced portabellas or cherry tomatoes to the top layer. Then top with your second layer of veggies. You could also just place any green on the top layer, but my kids love to mix in some chopped carrots and celery too. This makes a delicious and colorful treat for everyone.

Bottom Line

There are many other wonderful and tasty variations on this theme. For example, if you like carrots and radishes, you could make a nice slaw out of these to accompany your meal. You could also alternate between slices of beet and red bell pepper instead of putting in the veggie meat in the middle. This beet and red bell pepper hummus sandwich recipe is a keeper!

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