A Quick and Easy Recipe For Vegan Mushroom Sandwich

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A vegan mushroom sandwich can be made at home with fresh ingredients. You don’t have to throw away your cheeses and other important ingredients that you may have used to prepare it. You can also skip using mozzarella if you prefer. Preparing vegan mushroom sandwich isn’t that hard.

An Overview

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Begin by preparing the sauce and all the vegetables. If you’re using baby Swiss cheese then you might skip the prepared cheese, but if you’re using spinach that is bigger in size then you could skip the chopped up mushrooms as well. A dab of olive oil and herbs goes a long way. If there’s any grime, use a rag or paper towels to wipe it off. And, you’ll want to toss in the nutritional facts on the back of the sandwich bag.

To begin preparing, cut the bread into two pieces and place one onto each piece of bread. Spread a bit of margarine or shortening over each piece and put on the top half of the bread. Spread some tomato paste over the top of the bread and then put your second piece of bread onto the piece of tomato paste. Place a slice of avocado on the top of the bread after each bite of the sandwich.

The Making Process 

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Now it’s time for fun! Place a sliced portabella mushroom onto the center of one half of the bread. Place another piece of bread on top of the portabella mushroom and then put another piece of tomato paste over the mushroom. Then take another piece of bread and place it onto the opposite end of the second piece of bread. Finally, place your third piece of bread on top of the third piece of tomato paste.

As an important note, you will want to preheat your non-stick skillet or pan to ensure that your sandwich doesn’t stick. Now, take your prepared vegan cheese and place it over the prepared mushrooms. Turn the heat on to medium high and allow the cheese to melt thoroughly. Don’t worry about it melting too much, as long as it is melted enough. Now, add your second piece of bread and place it directly on the heated spot of the skillet or pan.

Next, take your vegan sour cream and mix it into one tablespoon of vegan milk. Then, using a fork, start to stir fry your mushrooms, until the cream begins to blend with the milk. Now, add your second slice of bread and spoon the prepared mushroom mixture onto it.

Grill It Properly

Once the vegan cheese has completely melted, add your second slice of bread and spread melted cheddar cheese over it. Then, use a teaspoon to press in the prepared mushroom mixture. Make sure it is completely covered with cheese. Lastly, place in your heated vegetable oil or marinara sauce and allow it to heat through. That’s all there is to making this mouth watering delight!

Vegan Mushroom Sandwich is so easy to make and so tasty. If you are trying to lose weight, you need to incorporate this delicious recipe into your diet. You can eat all the cheese that you want and not gain weight at all! The next time you go out to eat, instead of eating the same old boring foods, try something different like this vegan cheese and mushroom sandwich.

This fun and tasty sandwich start with some spinach and mushroom soup. Along with the soup, some wheat bread is also placed on the plate. Onions and mushrooms are sliced up and served on that warm, toasted wheat bread.

Main Ingredient

The most important ingredient of this vegan mushroom sandwich is the vegan cheese. You can use any cheese you like, such as mozzarella, cheddar, Monterey jack, or even Colby. Put the sliced mushrooms onto the toasted, heated bread and top it with the cheese. Then, place a sliced lemon wedge on top of the cheese and bake it. Serve with your favorite sauce.


Bake it till the onions are golden brown. Flip and serve. When it is hot, dig in and enjoy your vegan mushroom sandwich? It is guaranteed to leave you coming back for more!

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