A Few Reasons Why You Should Consider Making Avocado Sandwich Recipes at Home

avocado sandwich recipes

There are many different recipes for these types of sandwiches and this article will cover just a few of them. But before we get into the recipes, let me tell you about an ingredient I find in most of my recipes and that is guacamole.

Guacamole Is Made From Avocado

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Guacamole is made from avocado and hass avocado extract as its primary ingredient. An avocado is a fruit that is half avocado and half fruit or vegetable. In cooking avocado extract adds a lot of flavor, texture, and nutrients to your food. You can make guacamole using just avocado flesh or from the avocados seeds. In fact, any form of avocado flesh is fine, but I prefer to use the avocados seeds because it makes for a richer and juicier avocado which of course is also healthier.

The best way to make guacamole is with avocado oil. Avocado oil has the ability to be crystallized when it is heated so it is best to use it in conjunction with avocado extract. The crystallization of avocado oil happens from the medium heat it reaches with the food it is cooking. You can keep avocado oil cold by using chilled guacamole which is made with cold avocado oil.

Gives It A Rich Dark Color

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Using avocado oil in your guacamole will give it a rich dark color. Using less avocado oil will result in a lighter colored avocado which does add health benefits to your food. Another benefit of avocado oil is that it keeps its natural nutritional value so using less will leave you empty. So make sure you use avocado oil when making your sandwich.

For those of you who have never eaten an avocado before it is best to start off with a base layer. This can be cream cheese or yogurt, which is a base for many sandwiches. Then I like to put sliced avocado on top of my base layer along with some additional ingredients. I usually place some fresh and juicy tomatoes along with sliced olives. I then have the avocado spread evenly over the top of the bread. Then I place the tomatoes and olives down on my sandwich.

California Avocado

Another very popular sandwich is the California avocado. This is my favorite because it is loaded with protein. There are literally hundreds of variations of the California avocado which all can be used in your own creations. One of my favorites is the guacamole that comes with this sandwich. If you do not have guacamole on hand, make sure you have some fresh avocados and some avocados strained. Mix these two things together and serve up.

You may want to top your sandwiches with a nutritional supplement. An example of this would be oatmeal with some nice and light avocado oil. Avocado oil also helps regulate your blood sugar, so if you are watching your blood sugar always keep some on hand. It is also a great source of fiber.


I hope that by reading this article, you are inspired to create your own great avocado recipes. My personal favorite is the Guacamole. I take the avocado, along with refried beans, sour cream, chopped tomatoes, cilantro, olives and green onions, and I let it go! It is so good, that I always have some for parties, lunch or dinner.

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