5 Delicious Vegan Sandwich Fillers

vegan sandwich fillers

When you hear the words “vegan sandwich fillers” do you imagine the tasty bread with creamy tomato and cheese on it? Maybe, a savory roll with crisp, crunchy toasted bread? Perhaps you envision a mouth-watering vegetarian meal with spiced tofu, fresh tomatoes and lettuce on the side. You might even get a “healthy” version of your old favorite, the vegan cheese omelet! While there is certainly some value to be derived from vegan diet menus, they have to be paired well with the right ingredients and some nutritional supplements.

An Overview

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For starters, let’s start with what we know as a vegan sandwich filler. Filling a bread sandwich with items other than wheat bread is an obvious necessity. Many non-vegan sandwiches contain items that are not good for you – like lard, bacon fat or hydrogenated oils. A vegan sandwich filling could be soybean oil, walnuts (butter substitute) or sprouted grain bread. In addition, tempeh makes an interesting addition as an ingredient for vegan sandwiches.

Tempeh is a healthy alternative to many meats and cheese products. It is made from fermented soybeans and can be found in many forms, served in many styles – like crepes, puddings and tacos. The texture is firm and quite brownish – which some people find a nice, medium-brown. Surprisingly enough, vegan sandwiches also frequently accompany tempeh!

Organic Tuna

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Another type of vegan sandwich fillers is made from cooked organic tuna. Some sources suggest that canned tuna (although not frozen tuna) is the healthiest choice but many other sources advise people to substitute grilled or fried tuna for vegan tuna. It has a milder flavor than other forms of tuna, which can sometimes mask the flavor of the vegan ingredients.

Other vegan sandwich fillers are made from cooked seitan. Seitan is cut into strips and mixed with sauce or spices to make it more interesting. It is often served raw on its own. A nice variation on seitan is the addition of mushrooms, which are also good for those on a diet due to high in iron.

Vegan Bean

If you’re looking for a vegan sandwich for lunch, the most common filling is the vegan bean. These are usually black beans but can be used with a variety of other flavors. They can be combined with other fillers or even eaten plain. Most sandwich places serve ground bean, so it’s likely that any of these will do. However, there are many varieties and some are higher in fiber. If you are trying to eat a healthy lunch, the high fiber option may be a better choice.

Tahini is a very popular option for vegan tuna sandwich filling. It’s made with sesame seeds, lemon juice, garlic, and/or mint juice. Tofu makes a nice alternative to meat, and the vegan tuna may be a healthier alternative. Tofu is also available without any seasonings. It can be served cold or as a dip, or in any number of ways.


Salads are an easy way to incorporate vegetables into your vegan sandwiches. Try baked sweet potato salad with fresh applesauce as a base. You could also make a simple bran muffin salad using bran, nuts, walnuts, eggs, and any other ingredients you may want. Many salads are topped off with a vinaigrette, such as mayo, and have the added benefit of being very healthy on their own. A well-balanced salad can be a real focus of your menu, rather than the meatballs or crumb cookies that you may be tempted to try.

A vegan Mayo sandwich is usually made by substituting cream cheese for a vegan yogurt. The yogurt makes the sandwich more creamy, and the cream cheese provides a nice compliment to the vegetables and the bread. You can use any flavor of yogurt that you like. There are many brands of yogurt that don’t contain any milk, which is perfect if you are going on a calorie-conscious diet.


Tempeh is a wonderful all natural vegetarian food that is full of protein and calcium. It’s an excellent base for a delicious vegan salad. Traditionally, tempeh is baked, but you can cook it and chop it up as you like. If you find it difficult to organize your tempeh, simply bake it briefly, then mash it up. Add it to salads, make veggie burgers, or turn it into a sauce for pasta.


Nuts are an excellent addition to any sandwich and vegan is no exception. To create a nutty vegan sandwich, grind up almonds and cashews until smooth and creamy. They can be blended into a sauce for a simple ranch salad or blended into a sauce for a grilled treat.

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