3 Bagel Egg Sandwiches Ideas To Kickstart Morning

Bagel Egg Sandwich

Bagel egg sandwiches are a popular breakfast in America. It is not only yummy but quite fulfilling too. With the combination of toasty bagel, melted cheese, and two perfectly fried eggs, this breakfast bagel sandwich is ready to rock your morning and the whole day ahead. There are a variety of sandwiches to try according to your mood and ingredients available. A cup of coffee and a bagel sandwich is everything you need for a field up day.

American Bagel Egg Sandwich

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Place a bagel of your favorite flavor in the toaster and toast as desired.

Fry egg in a pan. The flame should be in medium heat.

Turn off gas but leave the pan on the burner.

Place two pieces of ham or bacon or any breakfast meat on top of the egg. Then the cheese slice of any flavor on top of the meat.

Cover with a lid and let the heat melt the cheese.

Spread one tablespoon of butter in a toasted bagel.

Place egg, meat, and cheese and pile on one half of the bagel and top with the other half.

Your Bagel egg sandwich is ready to eat.

Italian Bagel Egg Sandwich

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This recipe for an Italian bagel sandwich is high in protein(47%) and gives you 640 calories.


Strain the four tablespoons of pasta sauce and place it in medium heat for few minutes to thicken

Place the teaspoonful of olive oil into a skillet and fry one egg. Add salt and pepper.

Toast 1 bagel and rub with the clove of garlic.

Spread the bottom of the bagel with the pasta sauce, place the egg on top, and sprinkle with a handful of grated parmesan cheese.

Top with the other side of the bagel and your Italian bagel egg sandwich is ready.

Smoked Bagel Egg Sandwich

Split your favorite bagel down the middle and toast until crispy.

Crack two medium eggs into a bowl, add salt and pepper and whisk vigorously.

Heat a small nonstick frying pan over medium heat, add half a tablespoon of butter, and allow it to melt.

Pour your whisked eggs into the buttered frypan and stir continuously until the eggs have cooked through but are still soft. Add in a few sprigs of fresh dill and set aside.

Once the bagel is toasted, gently place the soft scrambled eggs on top of the bagel’s bottom half, add a handful of cooked asparagus and the pickled red onions.

Next, take the remaining top half of the bagel and smear it with t tablespoon cream cheese. Place the creamed cheese bagel half on top of the rest of the sandwich, and your smoked bagel egg sandwich is ready.


There are many kinds of Egg Sandwiches but none as good as a Bagel egg sandwich. You can experiment with the flavors of cheese and the type of breakfast meat, and it is magically delightful in almost every combination. This Bagel egg breakfast takes only about 5-7 minutes of preparation, 20-25 minutes of cooking, and 25-30 minutes of total time.

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